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M5 Light Tank - 37mm Gun
TM9-1729A Ordnance Maintenance Engines Cooling and Fuel Systems- Binding has been cut off
Nov 1944
M26 Medium Tank - 90mm Gun
TM 9-735 Technical Manual Medium Tanks M26 And M45
Aug 1948
TM 9-374 90-MM Guns M3 and M3A1 for Combat Vehicles used on the M36, M26 and M46 Tanks
Aug 1950
ORD 7-SNL G-226 Organizational Maintenance Parts List
July 1948
ORD 7 SNL G-226 Organizational Maintenance Parts List
Jan 1952
ORD 8 SNL G-226 Field and Depot Maintenance Parts Lists
March 1952
M46 Medium Tank - 90mm Gun
TM9-1718B Ordnance Maintenance Cross-Drive Transmission Model CD-850-3 (Allison-GM)
Jul 1950
TM9-1718D Ordnance Mainenance Hydraulic Turret Traversing Mechanism (Oil Gear for Medium Tank M46
Aug 1950
TM9-1718E Ordnance Maintenance: Oil Cooler Fan and Fan Drive, Brake Cam Box, Bilge Pumps, Hull Ventitlating Blower, and Slip Ring Box for Medium Tank M46
June 1951
TM9-1558 Ordnance Maintenance: Telescope Mount T173
May 1951
TM9-1825C Ordnance Maintenance Electrical Equipment Eclipse-Pioneer
July 1950
TM9-6043 Ordanance Maintenance Telescope M191C (T152)
Dec 1952
TM9-6047 Sighting System M7 and Telescopes M60 M60A1C, and M60A1D
Apr 1953
ORD 7-SNL G-244 Organizational Maintenance Parts List, for M46
Nov 1950
ORD 7 SNL G-244 Organizational Maintenance Parts List, For M46 and M46A1
Sept 1956
ORD 8 SNL G-244 Field and Depot Maintenance Parts List for M46 and M46A1
Sept 1956
M47 Medium Tank - 90mm Gun
FM 17-78 Tank, 90-mm Gun, M47
Apr 1955
TM9-6073 Ordnance Maintenance Superelevation Transmitter M22
Apr 1954
ORD 7 SNL G-262 Organizational Maintenance Parts List, M47
Jun 1956
M48 Medium Tank - 90mm Gun
FM 17-79 Tank, 90-mm Gun M48
Oct 1955
M60 Tank
TM9-2350-215-35/1 Field & Depot Maintenance ManualTank, Combat, Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun M60, Hull, Suspension Final Drive, Slipring Box, Turret and Miscellaneous Components
Sept 1960
TM9-1240-313-35P Field & Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists for Periscope, Tank : M32
June 1964
M103 Heavy Tank - 120mm Gun
SL-400590B Repair List for Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 120mm Gun, M103A2
Mar 1964




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