Kato EMD NW2 Switcher

Roadname specific model features:

• Silver coated tall stacks
• Two sided lettering scheme: "Way of the Zephyr" and "Everywhere West"
• Phase 1 riveted Airtanks

About the CB&Q NW2:

The EMD NW2 is a 1,000 horsepower yard switcher, its distinctive twin-stack profile and short radiator creating a distinctive silhouette. Perhaps ironic, considering its 1000 horsepower engine, the N in NW2 stood for nine hundred horsepower, with the W designating that it was a welded frame locomotive, instead of a cast frame. The CB&Q NW2s enjoyed a long life of use, not only in switching yards but also moving freight, and were a common sight on lightly-used branch lines. A common replacement on the NW2 were the type of smokestacks installed; the standard short stacks were too low and would often get smoke in the eyes of the operators, and as a result the CB&Q retrofitted its NW2s with taller, untapered stacks (slightly different from the conical long stacks seen on other NW2s).





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