U.S.RIFLE, Cal. .30, M1903A3
U.S. RIFLE, Cal. .30, M1903 & M1903A3

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03A3-002 -- Screw f/Bayonet Lug M1903A3 $5.00
03-003R Band w/Bayonet Lug, M1903, Milled, Parkerized, Remington w/ R on the side $40.00
03-003SA Band w/Bayonet Lug, M1903, Milled, Parkerized, Springfield Armory w/ H on bottom of the bayonet lug $40.00
03-003RI Band w/Bayonet Lug, M1903, Milled, Parkerized, Rock Island unmarked $40.00
03-004 -- Screw f/Bayonet Lug M1903, long cross screw


03-005 -- Stacking Swivel, M1903, Milled out of stock
03-006 -- Stacking Swivel Screw, M1903 $4.00
03A3-007 Band Retaining Spring, Stamped, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $10.00
03A3-008 Band w/Stacking Swivel & Screw, Stamped, M1903A3 ,Original Blue, Remington "R" marked temp out of stock
03A3-009 Band w/Sling Swivel & Screw, Stamped, M1903A3, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $30.00
03-010 Band w/Sling Swivel & Screw, Milled, M1903, Parkerized, marked U $40.00
03A3-014 Bolt Assembly, Complete, M1903 or M1903A3, Parkerized $85.00
03A3-014R Bolt Assembly, Complete, M1903A3, all parts, Remington "R" marked $125.00
03A3-015 --Bolt Body w/ Collar, M1903 or M1903A3, Parkerized $25.00
03A3-015R --Bolt Body w/ Collar, M1903A3, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $40.00
03A3-016 --Bolt Sleeve, Parkerized $12.00
03A3-016R --Bolt Sleeve, Parkerized, Remington "R" marked $20.00
03A3-016SC --Bolt Sleeve, Parkerized, Smith Corona $20.00
03A3-017 --Cocking Piece, Parkerized $10.00
03A3-017R --Cocking Piece, M1903A3, Parkerized, Remington "R" marked $20.00
03A3-017SC --Cocking Piece, M1903A3, Parkerized, Smith Corona $25.00
03A3-018 --Extractor, $15.00
03A3-018R --Extractor, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $20.00
03-018A --Extractor, M1903, With Hole $20.00
03A3-019 --Mainspring $4.00
03A3-020 --Safety Lock, Parkerized $8.00
03A3-020R --Safety Lock, Parkerized, Remington "R" marked
03A3-020SC --Safety Lock, Parkerized,Smith Corona $20.00
03A3-021R --Striker (Firing Pin) Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $8.00
03A3-021SC --Striker (Firing Pin) Original Blue, Smith Corona unmarked $8.00
03A3-022 --Striker Sleeve $4.00
03A3-023 Butt Plate, Stamped, M1903A3, Parkerized, Remington "R" marked, new condition $30.00
03A3-023A Butt Plate, Stamped, M1903A3, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked, new condition $40.00
03A3-024 Butt Plate Screw, Upper $3.00
03A3-025 Butt Plate Screw, Lower $6.00
03A3-026 Butt Swivel, Stamped, M1903A3, Parkerized $15.00
03A3-028 Butt Swivel Screws 2/$6.00
03A3-030 Cut Off $15.00
03A3-030R Cut Off, Original Blue, Remington "R" marked $20.00
03A3-031 --Cut Off Screw $4.00
03A3-032 --Cut Off Spindle $5.00
03A3-033 --Cut Off Spring & Plunger $5.00
03A3-034R Ejector, Remington "R" marked $10.00
03A3-034SC Ejector, Smith Corona, unmarked $10.00
03A3-035 Ejector Pin $3.00
03A3-036 Front Sight Band M1903A3, Parkerized, Remington, "R" marked w/Original A Marked Front Sight Blade and Pin $30.00
03A3-037 Front Sight Band Pin (holds the band to the barrel) $2.00
03A3-038 Front Sight Blade M1903A3, New made, unmarked, Tallest one $10.00
03A3-039 Front Sight Blade Pin $2.00
03-040 Handguard, M1903, Walnut, 15 1/4" long Temp out of Stock
03A3-041 Handguard, M1903A3, Walnut, 18 3/4" long $45.00
03A3-042 Handguard Ring, M1903A3, Parkerized, marked RP $10.00
03A3-042R Handguard Ring, M1903A3, Parkerized, Remington, "R" marked Out of Stock
03A3-042SC Handguard Ring, M1903A3, Parkerized, Smith Corona, unmarked $12.00
03A3-043 Follower, Stamped, M1903A3, Parkerized, Remington, "R" marked $20.00
03A3-043A Follower, Stamped, M1903A3, Blued, Smith Corona, unmarked $25.00
03A3-043B Follower, Stamped, M1903A3, Parkerized, Smith Corona, unmarked $20.00
03-043B Follower, Milled, M1903, Parkerized $20.00
03A3-044 Follower Spring, M1903 & M1903A3, Original Blue $10.00
03A3-048 Rear Sight Assembly M1903A3 $75.00
03-049 Rear Sight Assembly M1903 - click for pic $75.00
03-050 -- Rear Sight Base M1903 - click for pic $20.00
03-051 -- Rear Sight Base pin M1903 $4.00
03-052 -- Rear Sight Spring M1903- click for pic $5.00
03-053 -- Rear Sight Leaf M1903 - click for pic $20.00
03-054 -- Rear Sight Slide M1903 - click for pic $10.00
03-055 -- Rear Sight Slide Lock Screw M1903 - click for pic $5.00
03-056 -- Rear Sight Slide Cap Pin M1903 $3.00
03-057 -- Rear Sight Slide Aperture M1903 - click for pic $5.00
03-058 -- Rear Sight Slide Cap M1903 - click for pic $5.00
03-059 -- Rear Sight Cap Screw M1903 - click for pic $4.00
03-060 Rear Sight Windage Knob Assembly M1903 -click for pic $15.00
03A3-061 Sear, M1903 & M1903A3 unmarked $6.00
03A3-061S Sear - Springfield Armory, marked "S" $15.00
03A3-061R Sear - Remington, rounded front, marked "R", Blued $15.00
03A3-061SC Sear - Smith Corona, marked stylized "X", Parkerized $15.00
03A3-062 Sear Pin $3.00
03A3-063 Sear Spring $2.00
03A3-064 Trigger $5.00
03A3-064R Trigger, M1903A3, Original Blue, Remington, "R" marked $10.00
03A3-064G Trigger, Grooved $10.00
03A3-065 Trigger Pin $2.00
03A3-066 Triggerguard, M1903A3, Stamped, Original Blue, Replacement $60.00
03A3-067 Triggerguard Screw, Front $4.00
03A3-068 Triggerguard Screw, Rear $4.00


Item Description


03A3-070 Bore Brush
03A3-071 Chamber Brush
03A3-072 Cleaning Patches -
03A3-073 Cleaning Rod
03A3-074 Front Sight Hood, Parkerized, WWII, "S" on Left hand side, made by Sedgley
03A3-075 Front Sight Hood, Parkerized, WWII, "G" on Right Side, part number on Left side (C64157-4)
G.P. Brush- Green Double Headed Toothbrush
click here for picture
03A3-077 Manual, Field FM 23-10 $12.00
03A3-078 Manual, Technical TM 9-1270 $7.00
03A3-079 Manual, Parts SNL B-3 $7.00
03A3-080 Collectors Guide O3 by JC Harrison $35.00
03A3-081 Collectors Guide- The M1903 Springfield Rifle and Its Variations, by Joe Poyer $25.00
03A3-082 Sling, Green Web $20.00
03A3-083 Muzzle Wear Gage $36.50

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