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M59  Tracked  Armored Infantry Vehicle
ORD 8 SNL G-280 Field & Depot Maintenance Parts List

Jan 1957


M75 Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier
Pamphlet A-85 Guide for Daily Preventive Maintenance Services - M75 Aug 1953


Pamphlet A-86 Guide for Weekly Preventive Maintenance Services - M75 Aug 1953


M29 Cargo Carrier Amphibian
ORD 7 SNL G-179 Orgnaizational Maintenance Parts List
Dec 1950
M114 Armored Carrier
Tm 9-2320-224-20P Oranizatin Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists for Carrier, Personal, Full Tracked, Armored, T114 July 1962
TM 9-2320-224-25P Organizational Field and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists for Carrier, Command and Reconnaissance: Armored, M114/M114A1 Dec 1964

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