U.S. RIFLE, 5.56- MM, AR-15
U.S. RIFLE, 5.56- MM, AR-15

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AR15-000 Barrel Nut $8.00
AR15-001 Bolt Assembly Mil Spec US Made OUT OF STOCK
AR15-002 Bolt Cam Pin $5.00
AR15-003 Bolt Carrier, Stripped - Mil Spec US Made $50.00
AR15-003A Bolt Carrier Assembly- includes bolt carrier w/key, bolt, firing pin, cam pin and firing pin retainer Mil Spec US Made OUT OF STOCK
AR15-004 Bolt Carrier Key $15.00
AR15-004b - Bolt Carrier Key Screws 2/$2.00
AR15-005 Bolt Catch Assembly $13.00
AR15-006 Bolt Gas Rings- 3/$3.00
AR15-007 Buffer A1- A2 $15.00
AR15-007a Buffer M4 $15.00
AR15-008 Buffer Spring A1-A2 $4.00
AR15-008a Buffer Spring M4 $4.00
AR15-009 Buffer Tube -( Fits A1 and A2 Rifle Stock) $25.00
AR15-009a Buffer Tube -( M4 Mil Spec 6 Position ) $20.00
AR15-010 Buffer Retainer w/Spring $3.00
AR15-011 Butt Cap Screw A1 $4.00
AR15-012 Butt Cap Screw A2 $3.00
AR15-013 Butt Cap Spacer A2 $3.00
AR15-014 Butt Stock, Early Type, No butt-trap, Used, Excellent OUT OF STOCK
AR15-014A Butt Swivel- for A1 & A2 Stock $4.00
AR15-014B Butt Swivel Screw for A1 Stock $3.00
AR15-015 Charging Handle $18.00
AR15-016 Disconnector AR-15 $5.00
AR15-017 Disconnector Spring $1.00
AR15-018 Ejection Port Cover $6.00
AR15-019 --Cover "C" Clip w/Pin & Spring $4.00
AR15-020 Ejector w/ Pin & Spring $4.00
AR15-021 Extractor $10.00
AR15-022 Extractor Pin $1.00
AR15-022a Extractor Upgrade Kit- includes spring, rubber bumper & donut
see pic click here
AR15-023 Firing Pin $6.00
AR15-024 Firing Pin Retainer $2.00
AR15-025 Flash Suppressor, 3 Prong $10.00
AR15-026 Flash Suppressor A1 $8.00
AR15-027 Flash Suppressor A2 $8.00
AR15-029 Flash Suppressor Crush Washer $2.00
AR15-030 Forward Assist (Teardrop) $20.00
AR15-031 Forward Assist (Round) $12.00
AR15-032 Forward Assist Pin & Spring $2.00
AR15-033 Front Sight Post A2 (Square) $5.00
AR15-033A Front Sight Post A 1(Round) $10.00
AR15-034 Front Sight Detent & Spring $3.00
AR15-036 Front Sling Swivel w/Rivet $5.00
AR15-037 Gas Tube w/Pin A1-A2 $10.00
AR15-038 Gas Tube w/Pin M4 $10.00
AR15-039 Hammer AR-15 $15.00
AR15-040 Hammer Pin & Spring $3.00
AR15-041 Handguards, A1, Triangular, Used Excellent, no cracks (complete set L and R) Black $50.00
AR15-041a Handguards, M4 CAR - Black (pair) $15.00
AR15-042 Handguard Slip Ring, A1, Straight $20.00
AR15-042B Handguard Slip Ring, A2, Angled $8.00
AR15-043 Handguard Snap Ring $1.00
AR15-044 Handguard Spring Weld $6.00
AR15-045 Handguard Cap, Front, Round, M4, f/heavy barrel $4.00
AR15-045a Handguard Cap, Front, Round, skinny barrel A1 $10.00
AR15-045b Handguard Cap, Front, Triangular, skinny barrel A1 $10.00
AR15-046 Lower Receiver Parts Kit AR15 , Mil Spec, US Made $75.00
AR15-047 Magazine Catch Assembly $12.00
AR15-048 Pistol Grip, A1, Black, New in the Box, Dated 1969 click for pic $45.00 ea
AR15-049 Pistol Grip, A2, New GI $5.00
AR15-050 Pistol Grip Screw w/Washer $1.00
AR15-051 Rear Sight Assembly A1- click for picture $30.00
AR15-052 Rear Sight Assembly A2 $45.00
AR15-053 Receiver Pivot Pin $4.00
AR15-054 --Pivot Pin Detent w/ Spring $2.00
AR15-055 --Push Pin f/AR-15 (Replaces Two-Headed Screw- SP-1) $7.00
AR15-057 Safety AR-15 $10.00
AR15-058 Safety Detent w/Spring $2.00
AR15-059 Takedown Pin $4.00
AR15-060 Takedown Pin Detent w/Spring $2.00
AR15-061 Trigger AR-15 $15.00
AR15-062 Trigger Pin & Spring $3.00
AR15-063 Triggerguard w/Pin $5.00


AR15-066 AR-15 Complete Owner's Guide by Kuleck w/Duff  $25.00
AR15-066A AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide , by Kuleck $22.00
AR15-102 Bandolier w/Cardbord (4 Pocket) $10.00
AR15-069 Bayonett M7 w/Scabbard M8A1Excellent +++ Condition
AR15-070 Bore Cleaner- 2 oz.
AR15-071 Cleaning Patches- 1000/$12.00
AR15-072 Cleaning Kit Case - Belt Type $6.00
AR15-073 Cleaning Kit (Butt Trap) $20.00
AR15-074 --Bore Brush $2.00
AR15-075 --Chamber Brush $4.00
AR15-076 --Cleaning Kit Case (Butt Trap) $4.00
AR15-077 --Cleaning Rod w/ Handle & Tip $9.00
AR15-078 --G.P. Brush - Green Double headed toothbrush - click for picture $2.00
AR15-091 Front Sight Adjusting Tool $7.00
AR15-081 Magazine 30 rd -NEW GI - Aluminum w/Brown Follower $15.00
AR15-083 Manual Operator TM 9 -1005-249-10 -covers M16 & M16A1 models
AR15-084 Manual Overhaul TM 9 -1005-319-23P -covers A2 & M4 models
AR15-086 Manual, Overhaul, TM9-1005-249-34 (A1)
AR15-088 Muzzle Dust Cap - Click for Picture $1.00
AR15-092 Sling, GI, Black Silent, click for Picture $10.00
AR15-092A Sling, GI, Black Nylon, click for Picture
AR15-093 Sling, GI, Green Nylon, click for Picture
AR15-096 Sling, Assault, Single Point, Black click for picture $20.00
AR15-098 Sling Adaptor for collapsible stock click for picture $10.00
Spare Parts Kit - includes firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retainer, set of bolt gas rings, buffer retainer with spring, takedown detent w/spring
AR15-100 Stripper Clip -(holds 10 rounds) 50/$15.00 NEW- made by US Government Contractor- these are NOT range pickups $15.00
AR15-101 Stripper Clip Guide $4.00



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