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From Die-Casts, to Die-Hards

Amherst Depot has been selling scale model trains, train cars, tracks and set accessories online for over 20 years.

We also happen to sell an assortment of military collectibles. Which we've been doing even longer.

Model Trains, Train-Cars, Track Pieces, Sets, and Accessories

Our model trains come in a variety of different scales, and from various manufacturers. These are often collectible models, new, in box, and 'no-longer in production'.
The scale of the model train typicaly determines it's size. While the different manufacturers will often have variations and differences in the way they create the scaled replicas.
Kadie Model TrainsAtlas Model TrainsLionel Model TrainsLife Like Trains and AccessoriesStewart HobbiesMicro-Trains LogoMTH Scale Models

We have various electric train engines, train cars, and all of the accessories for a complete running track set.

Collectible Firearms Parts, Military Publications, Books, and Other Memorabilia

If you also enjoy military collectibles, we've been collecting and selling them for more than 30 years. We have parts for rare weapons used by the US military throughout recent history, such as the AR15, M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield and other rifles and pistols.

AR15m14m1 Carbine

30 Springfieldm1 garand1911 45 Pistol

Our collection of books and manuals has everything from the original firearms manuals, equipment manuals, and original book publications from the Army, Navy, and Marines.

The Amherst Depot

Our website offers a catalog view of our inventory, along with a secure order form if you wish to place an order with us.
You'll find our cheapest prices and most convenient ways to contact us, here on this site.
All listing are current for Spring 2016 (we update them every Friday!)


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